15 – 19 May 2018 – Phoenix: Lady Windermere’s Fan

Lady Windermere’s Fan



A Comedy by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Yvonne Roe

Lord Windermere has given his young wife a beautiful fan for her Birthday.
Later that night it disappears at the Ball.

Could it have been taken by Mrs Erlynne, the glamorous older woman who has just arrived in Town,
and who, to Lady Windermere’s horror, she discovers that Lord Windermere is visiting and even worse, supporting with large sums of money?

Distraught, Lady Windermere turns to old friend, Lord Darlington, who has long been her admirer,
and plans to run away with him. In the nick of time she is saved from her rash action by Mrs Erlynne,
who many years ago made the same mistake.

Lady Windermere never finds out Mrs Erlynne’s true identity and is able to continue enjoying her life in
High Society, with the support of her loving husband.

Comedy/Drama with many famous quotes that Wilde lovers will recognise.

This is an amateur production

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