18-20 Jan 2018 – Hardwicke Players: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty And The Beast



A Pantomime,

Written and Directed by Claire Chapman

Belle, the heroine of our story, lives in a small French village and yearns for adventure. Whilst in a nearby castle, the Beast hopes and prays that one day he and his household staff
will be freed from the curse placed on them by a mystical enchantress. When Belle’s mother is imprisoned in the castle, Belle sets out on a mission to rescue her and along the way,
encounters a talking clock, candlestick, feather duster and teapot. When Belle has to make a decision to remain in the castle, she and the Beast gradually grow fond of each other but
just when romance is about to blossom, villainy intervenes!

Filled with all the usual pantomime antics, toe-tapping musical numbers, heroes and villains, join us we tell “the tale as old as time.”

This is an amateur production.

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