20-23 June 2018 – Crown: Blackadder Goes Forth (Part 2)


Blackadder Goes Forth (Part 2)


A Comedy by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Directed by Matt Bunce

Join George, Baldrick, Capatain Darling, General Melchett and of course the long suffering
Edmund Blackadder as they face the perils of the front!

Thrill to Blackadder’s adventures in the air as he joins ‘the twenty minuters’, gasp as he investigates
the sinister threats of spies and finally join him, and his comrades as they face going over the top.

In remembrance of the closing year of World War One the Crown Players return to the western
front for their take on the final three episodes of this iconic comedy.

If you enjoyed their excellent take on the first three episodes, you are bound to love this, and if you
missed out, don’t miss this chance to see Blackadder and crew as you have never seen them before!

This is an amateur production

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