21-24 Feb 2018 – Crown Players: Forget Me Knot

Forget Me Knot



A Comedy by David Tristram

Directed by Nicky Pollard

Imagine the plight of poor Robert Zeinfeld. Found wandering the streets of Leicester at 4am,
without even the slightest clue of how he got there. Total amnesia.
And only bruised head and a suspicious policeman for company.

Not an experience you’d forget in a hurry.
But then again, you’d have to see it from the policeman’s point of view.

Perhaps this Zeinfeld’s character’s not what he seems. Perhaps he’s got something to hide.
Perhaps he hasn’t lost his memory at all. Perhaps it’s all an elaborate cover-up, well, something or other.

Trouble is, the deeper the policeman digs, the more confused he gets,
until he finds himself wrestling a plot with more twists than a bucked slinky.
Of course, the truth always comes out in the end. Or does it?”

This is an amateur production.

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