17 – 19 January 2019 – Hardwicke Players: Pinocchio & The Land Of Make Believe

Pinocchio & The Land Of Make Believe



A Pantomime,

Written and Directed by Claire Chapman

Geppetto longs for a son and one day he is blessed when the blue fairy transforms Pinocchio, the puppet he has made, into a real-life boy.

Pinocchio promises his guardian Jiminy Cricket that he will be good but is led astray by Whizz and Twang, a naughty wolf and cat.

The trio run away and are then sucked into a magic portal where they are transported to the Land Of Make Believe and meet a host of colourful characters.

Aided by Jiminy Cricket and the blue fairy, Geppetto sets out on a mission to take his son safely home but will he be able to find Pinocchio before he turns back into a puppet once more?

Filled with all the usual pantomime antics, toe-tapping musical numbers, heroes and villains, join us as we re-live this much loved tale.

This is an amateur production.

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