6 – 9 March 2019 – Crown and Phoenix: An Evening of Two One-Act Plays

An Evening of Two One-Act Plays


Kevin’s Above

A Comedy by Claire Scott presented by The Crown Players
Directed by Shawn Reed

Suddenly and without warning, two men named Kevin find themselves dead and in the waiting room of Afterlife Relocation Services (Earth Division). The problem is only one of them should be dead, but no-one seems to know which one. And as if death wasn’t hard enough, there’s no way back and it seems no practical way forward either. Faced with a harassed afterlife supervisor and an incompetent office trainee, the two Kevins have to find their way through the bureaucratic nightmare of sudden death and find a way to live (or die) together.


A Drama by Alice M Underwood presented by The Phoenix Players
Directed by Jackie Howard

Paradoxically, the setting is a spa, the purpose of which is to create an air of serenity and relaxation, but in this instance, proves the location for angst, anger and recrimination!

In early middle-age Mel deserted her marriage to a clergyman, abandoning their teenage daughter Rachel and her religion in a desperate bid to overcome loneliness, frustration and an increasing alcohol dependency.

Ruth, happily married and step-sister to Rachel, understood and forgave her mother’s desertion and now hopes to arrange a spontaneous but surprise meeting between Mel and Rachel within the confines
of a spa hoping that with their defences down, truth and mutual understanding may better be realised.

Now in her twenties and an aspiring actress, Rachel’s astonishment and resentment at unavoidably meeting her incredulous mother in this contrived way dramatically unleashes years of pent-up grief and fury.

Addy, a Polish immigrant, works as masseuse and beautician in the spa earning money to send home for her small daughter whom she has left in the care of her mother in Poland.

In the intimacy of the spa the three women reflect upon their lives, and share long-held secrets and confidences. Motherhood, guilt, angst and fear; a potent mix for a relaxing day at the spa!

However, we have three intelligent women of varying ages and experience in this drama… surely something can be salvaged from the fall-out… or can it?

These are amateur productions.

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